I am a singer-songwriter and dancer-choreographer…

Jonathan joined the Hong Kong music industry in 2009 and has since released three Cantonese albums – ‘Beyond Singing’, ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Out of Frame,’ and one Mandarin album – ‘Rising’. His singles became instant hits on the Hong Kong and Guangzhou pop charts and have to-date earned him over 25 music awards in the new singer/ singer-songwriter/ stage performance categories from all major television and radio stations in Hong Kong and Southern China…

  • Jonathan picked up both the piano and the violin at the age of 6 and began taking a serious interest in dance during his high school years in the U.S.

  • He continued his artistic pursuits at Cornell University; double majored in Psychology and Dance and acted as the music director and arranger for the university’s A Cappella group “Last Call”.

  • His vocal arrangements and solo performances helped “Last Call” secure numerous national and international awards, while his achievements in dance made him the single recipient of the 2008 Cornell Undergraduate Artist Award.

  • June 2010 – joined AVEX, a top music label in Japan, and became the first ever international artist jointly developed by the group’s domestic and international departments.

  • January 2011 – performed as a special guest of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO) in two concerts at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. It was an exciting crossover: Jonathan’s own compositions, characterized by R&B and Hip Hop rhythms, was rearranged and performed by HKCO’s 80-strong highly accomplished musicians.

  • April/June 2011 – released his third Cantonese album and first Japanese single.

  • July 2011 – launched his biography in an electronic book entitled ‘My Soul, My Groove, My Words and Beyond’, and soon afterwards an iPhone application called ‘J-Wo’ which was designed on the basis of his special music style.

  • August 2011 – became a talk show host in the popular TVB J2 Channel program ‘Big Boys Club’.

  • November 2011 – invited by Tokyo’s TBS TV Station to represent Hong Kong and lead an A Cappella group as its conductor and arranger to compete against the Japanese team at a prime time international talent show. Jonathan and his team thrilled the audience with their passionate and innovative performance and defeated their strong Japanese competitors.

  • November 2011 – named the spokesperson for Panasonic’s new camera product in a major marketing campaign.

  • December 2011 – starred as the male lead role in a highly popular musical production called ‘A Love Featherlite’, and toured Shenzhen and Guangzhou in a series of performances.

  • May 2012 – invited to be a guest composer at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s (HKUST’s) “The Intimacy of Creativity” concert presented by Prof Bright Sheng, one of the world’s best known composers/ conductors. At the concert he performed also as a vocalist for his own composition with a group of award-winning international and regional musicians and composers.

  • June 2012 – released his first Mandarin album “Rising”. Songs on the album became pop-chart favorites and received critical acclaim being the remarkable outcome of Jonathan’s innovative collaborative efforts with top-notch producers/ singer-songwriters including Eric Kwok, Edward Chan, Hins Cheung, Taz Tan, Khalil Fong and Chiu Tsang Hei.

  • 10&11 August 2012 – held his debut solo concert at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to thousands of fans. The two full-house concerts was a big success, and Jonathan’s multiple talents in singing, dancing, music composition and instrumental performances won immense audience and media support.

Jonathan has always been active in supporting community services and youth campaigns. Since 2012, he has been appointed as the youth ambassador to most of Hong Kong’s major charities and social welfare organizations.

  • July 2012 – in his capacity as Hong Kong YWCA’s Youth Ambassador, Jonathan performed as a special guest at the 50th anniversary fundraising concert of YWCA’s Chinese Orchestra.

  • October-December 2012 – featured as the music coach/ guest performer at the top-rated TV reality show “Mai Wang Zhang Ba” (麥王爭霸)for Guangdong TV in Southern China.

  • November 2012 – starred in a lead role in a micro-film for the famous jewelry brand Chow Sang Sang X Forevermark, and received strong audience and media endorsement.

Jonathan’s acting opportunities have increased significantly in 2013. He has been invited to appear in both movies and TV drama series in various roles, some of which are yet to be released. These roles include: a policeman in “Tales from the Dark Part 1″; a martial arts fighter in “Ip Man: The Final Fight (葉問: 終極一戰)”; a terrorist in a TVB action drama series “Tiger Cubs 2(飛虎2)”; an adroit young entrepreneur in “Queen Divas”(新抱喜相逢); and a law enforcer in “Zai Zhan Ming Tian” (再戰明天).

  • April 2013 – co-hosted the popular TVB food program《Midnight Munchies》.

  • April-May 2013 – released his first single of the year called《跳火坑 Double Down》. Jonathan once again collaborated with the highly popular and respected producer Eric Kwok, and lyricist Bo Lin. The Cantonese and English A Cappella (featuring famous American YouTube artist Peter Hollens) versions of this single’s music videos attracted global attention from both local and international media, including MTV Europe’s MTV 3, VIVA, and UK music magazine NME.

  • June 2013 – supported by the renowned dance choreographer Rock Fang, Jonathan led over 200 professional dancers and percussionists to present an interactive flash dance performance and singing called《Come Alive at New Town Plaza》at a popular, busy shopping mall. He subsequently led the music performance at the finale called《Classical x Rock Music Battle》of the same marketing campaign, in which he collaborated with the famous DJ/Producer DJ Tommy and a high- energy band.


我是歌手 – 也是作曲人/舞者/编舞者…

王梓軒身兼唱作人、舞者/編舞者的角色。畢業於美國康乃爾大學, 獲心理學及現代舞雙學位,於2008年畢業時獲頒大學藝術家年獎。

2009年全力發展演藝事業,一手包辦監製、作曲、編曲及填詞等工作,至今已推出了三張個人專輯及一張日語單曲CD。 2009年底出道至今, 先後在香港及內地多個主要流行音樂頒獎禮中贏得超過25個新人/ 唱作/ 舞台演繹獎項。

  • 2010年6月 – 加盟日本頂尖音樂集團AVEX﹐成為集團重點栽培的國際藝人。同時獲邀參與在英國舉辦, 由英、美著名唱作流行樂手、 格林美得獎者組成的作曲項目, 涉獵跨文化音樂創作

  • 2010年底 – 獲頒TVB8金曲榜最佳唱作歌手銅獎、新城勁爆及新城國語力創作歌手獎、以及TVB十大勁歌金曲最受歡迎唱作歌手銅奬

  • 2011年初與香港中樂團合作於香港文化中心舉行兩場音樂會; 推出第三張粵語專輯及首張日語單曲CD

  • 2011年6月 – 以作家身份推出自傳式電子書及iPhone app

  • 2011年8月 – 加盟TVB J2台擔任清談節目[兄弟幫]主持

  • 2011年底 – 獲邀為Panasonic相機代言人, 並参與一系列大型宣傳活動

  • 2011年11月- 應日本東京TBS電視台邀請擔任指揮及編曲人, 代表香港帶領無奏合唱團跟日本隊在一個國際才藝節目中比賽,並凱旋而歸

  • 2011年底 – 在內地珠三角區域擔綱演出歌舞劇[戀愛輕飄飄]

  • 2011年底 – 獲頒一系列音樂獎項, 包括:《新城國語力頒獎禮2011》創作歌手獎及國語歌曲獎﹑音樂先鋒榜年度樂壇進步獎﹑新城勁爆歌曲演繹大獎; 更在TVB十大勁歌金曲 2011頒獎禮中奪得年度傑出表現獎金獎

  • 2012年5月 – 參與由科技大學主辦之《創意間的親暱》音樂會世界首演, 與國際大師級/格林美得獎作曲家及指揮家合作演出, 同時擔任特約作曲人及演唱嘉賓, 在一眾著名國際年輕音樂家伴奏下演繹自家作品《心足》

  • 2012年6月- 推出首張國語專輯《RISING》,當中收錄多首流行榜冠軍作品,包括《Your Song》、《兩人三腳》、《LaLaLa》等。創作夥伴俱為港台新浪潮音樂的革命先驅, 計有Eric Kwok、Edward Chan、張敬軒、陳台證、方大同及趙增熹等

  • 2012年7月- 被邀擔任 香港基督教女青年會 (YWCA) 青年大使,並在YWCA中樂團五十周年紀念籌款音樂會 -《詩弦四季•點亮生命》- 當中擔任特別表演嘉賓

  • 2012年8月 – 在香港會議展覽中心一連兩日舉行首個個人演唱會-《王梓軒RISING演唱會2012》。演唱會由趙增熹擔任音樂總監﹐何志恩擔任形象設計總監,Alan Mak擔任舞蹈總監,莫文蔚擔任製作概念及特別顧問。演唱會空前成功, 贏得觀眾、音樂界及媒體的高度讚賞

  • 2012年10月 – 獲邀擔任廣東電視台珠江頻道舉辦之歌唱比賽《麥王爭霸》的 「音樂教頭」及特別表演嘉賓, 開始廣受南中國觀眾歡迎

  • 2012年11月 – 為著名珠寶品牌周生生& Forevermark拍攝以Forever Kiss系列為主題的愛情微電影

  • 2012年底 – 獲頒音樂獎項包括:《新城國語力頒獎禮2012》創作歌手金獎、音樂先鋒榜年度樂壇進步獎及最佳先鋒創作歌手獎

  • 2013年1月 – 以『耀能金禧大使』身份獲邀為耀能協會五十週年錄製音樂錄像《耀能之歌》,協助推廣包容有學習障礙人士的訊息

  • 2013年3月 – 參與演出金像獎影帝任達華執導的鬼魅系列之《迷離夜》,飾演一名警察

  • 2013年4月 – 擔任TVB飲食節目[夜宵磨]主持

  • 2013年4-5月- 推出年度首隻跳舞單曲《跳火坑》,與好友Eric Kwok聯合作曲和監製,並邀得林寶填詞。拍攝MV的國際製作團隊陣容強大,包括特地從美國和芬蘭到港的兩位導演。此外,亦請來美國著名YouTube歌手 Peter Hollens 跨國合力製作《跳火坑》的無伴奏英文版 《Double Down》。《跳火坑》一曲獲香港及多間國際媒體大力支持:包括 歐洲MTV Europe 的 MTV 3、VIVA 電視台及英國流行音樂雜誌NME

  • 2013年6月 – 率領200多名舞者、體操運動員及銀樂鼓手在遊客眾多的熱鬧商場表演大型搖滾式互動歌舞項目;並採用『快閃』方式, 在瞬間「突擊」商場的眾多觀眾,將逛街購物變成別開生面的感官藝術旅程。 在這項表演中國,Jonathan身兼四職:演奏小提琴、編舞、跳舞及唱歌

  • 2013年8月 – 與知名DJ和音樂製作人DJ Tommy及高能量樂隊Matchbox,以嶄新編曲,揉合唱歌、小提琴、刮碟演繹古典及搖滾樂章:「Classical x Rock Music Battle 古典 x 搖滾大激奏」,為《Come Alive at New Town Plaza》藝術表演系列畫上完美的句號



  • TVB 勁歌金曲第二季優秀選最受歡迎華語歌曲 《 Your Song 》
  • 新城國語力國語力原創歌曲 《 兩人三腳》
  • 新城國語力國語力優秀演繹獎
  • 音樂先鋒榜 – 樂壇年度進步獎及最佳先鋒創作歌手獎


  • 新城國語力創作歌手
  • 新城國語力國語力原創歌曲 《 盛宴》
  • TVB 勁歌金曲第二季優秀選得獎歌曲 《 玩具也流淚》
  • 音樂先鋒榜年度樂壇進步獎
  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮獲頒演繹大獎
  • 十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 – 2011年度傑出表現獎金獎


  • 新城國語力創作歌手
  • 新城國語力國語力原創歌曲 《幾米的距離》
  • 第7屆勁歌王金曲創作歌手獎
  • 華語金曲頒獎禮 – 最佳新人獎
  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮 – 創作歌手獎
  • TVB8 金曲榜頒獎典禮 – 最佳唱作歌手銅獎
  • 十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 – 最受歡迎唱作歌星銅獎


  • TVB8 金曲榜頒獎典禮 – 最佳新人獎銀獎
  • 新城國語力新勢力歌手
  • 勁歌金曲優秀選第三回 – 新人薦場飆星獎
  • 新城勁爆新人王 (創作男歌手)
  • 叱吒樂壇生力軍男歌手銀獎
  • 第三十二屆十大中文金曲 – 最有前途新人獎銅獎